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Ready to get serious?

If you are ready to get started on your project, or if you aren't even sure where to start at all, we can help with that right away, either way. It all begins with a call to our founder, Emmett Kaericher, who will be happy to help you get your idea turned into a reality. Click the "Let's Talk" button to schedule your free thirty minute idea jam session with Emmett and let's have some serious fun building your online empire!

Serious Digital Media People (Who Sometimes Get Silly.)

My name is Emmett Kaericher. I've been making web software, managing development teams and helping launch startup internet companies for over 20 years now and in the general computer industry for more than 30 years overall. I started Serious Digital Media in 2016 to help other entrepreneurs get things done. I've learned a lot about the web and business over these past three decades and can bring a lot to the table to help you be successful and economically efficient with your business online too. I have resources for anything you need to do online and can recommend the best options and strategies if you aren't sure already. Our developers are highly skilled at affordable rates, with US oversight and management, regardless of where the team members are in the world. Our quality is assured, and our intention is always for our client's to shine online. makebreak We're very serious about that, even if we do get a little silly sometimes with our website. As the founder, I also stay present and involved in every single project we deliver. I expect my people to deliver projects as close to perfectly as possible, but also for the projects to be fun for everyone involved. If it isn't fun, it will never be perfect. If it isn't perfect it will never be fun. That's why I am very selective about the developers I choose for a project, and also the select clients we decide to work with. Just as you should choose wisely who you hire to do this important work. We keep it to only a small number of clients at a time. Then we work for you with laser like focus to get things done. Seriously.
I look forward to hearing about your ideas!

Emmett "Corky" Kaericher
Founder, Serious Digital Media

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